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From time to time, teeth can fail for one reason or another. In fact, there are many instances in which your smile can become compromised. These concerns increase as we age due to the loss of bone density that occurs naturally after the age of fifty.

From the repair to the replacement of your natural teeth, come to Silk Dental Wellness in the West Village in Uptown Dallas, TX. We offer you comprehensive solutions to your specific needs.

Restore Your Existing Tooth After Damage

Internal infection of a tooth can require its extraction and knowing what comes next is vital in maintaining a healthy smile continuing forward. if the tooth can be saved through a root canal procedure, you will require the placement of a dental crown to ensure the area remains stable and functional to bite. Restorative dentistry aims to bring back the chewing capability as well as the appearance of a naturally healthy smile.

Forms Of Restorative Dentistry That Could Help You

After a root canal, a dental crown is necessary to keep the location secure. The enamel has been worn in points and the underlying dentin is exposed to the outside world. Crowns are also helpful with cracks and breaks before an infection sets in. Make the effort now to avoid further damage with a restorative procedure to give you back your smile in that region.

Replace A Missing Tooth With Prosthodontic Care

Another common form of dental issue is the full loss of a tooth. In these situations, a more extensive solution is required to restore the functionality and appearance of your smile. A dental bridge is a form of prosthodontic repair that uses a hanging replacement tooth. This sits in the gap between two dental crowns on the healthy abutment teeth.

This is a suitable form of repair for those with otherwise healthy mouths. Additional tooth loss can mean the failure of this prosthetic. Discuss the pros and cons of a dental bridge repair solution with your dentist.

How A Dental Implant Could Restore Your Smile

Another form of tooth replacement is the newer process of a dental implant. This is the placement of a sturdy titanium post within the bone of your jaw. Through a process known as osseointegration, the titanium connects snugly to the jaw. Then afterward, your dentist attaches a beautiful new prosthetic tooth to the site!

Beautiful Restorative Dentistry And Prosthodontics In Dallas, TX

It is not the end of the road when you struggle with the loss of a tooth. There are replacement options available to you in the creation of a new piece of your smile. Discover how prosthodontic care can help you restore your bite through a method that is suitable for your specific needs.

Trusted means such as dental bridges help to bring back the chewing and biting functionality to the area. This hanging prosthetic connects to two crowns placed upon the abutment teeth that sit on the side of your gap. Bridges have been a successful replacement treatment for many years and continue as a result of new materials and techniques. Discuss this option with your prosthodontal expert as a means of repair for your smile.

Dental implants are a novel way of approaching the situation of tooth replacement. These use titanium posts with threads that connect snugly to the jaw after recovery. A process known as osseointegration allows these posts to thrive alongside the immune system. Titanium has a special chemical makeup that effectively fools your body into believing that the metal is actually your own biological tissue. This means that the post retains ongoing strength.

Your repair can even be expanded to include more locations of tooth loss. If you are over the age of fifty, your bone loss is decreasing. This situation can lead to more instances of dental problems at the connection site between the teeth and the jaw.

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