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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Severe cavities and physical injuries can lead to problems within the tooth structure. To address this, SILK Dental Wellness is prepared to address infections and internal damage through root canal therapy. This procedure can stop pain and sensitivity issues, and it can prevent you from experiencing tooth loss!

Why Are Root Canals A Part Of Some Restorative Treatments?

A benefit to regular dental exams is that when you do have problems with cavities and other issues, they are caught before complications can develop. With that said, our practice is prepared to tend to the needs of patients when more involved care is necessary. Advanced cavities, physical trauma, and even repeated dental work on the same tooth can lead to issues where the pulp and nerve tissues within the tooth structure become irritated, infected, or inflamed. Signs that this has affected you can include:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Swollen or tender gum tissues around the tooth
  • Significant pain or sensitivity
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Abscesses or pimples on the gums

Regular Dental Exams And Root Canal Therapy

Physical injuries that require root canal therapy can be sudden and difficult to anticipate. However, dental decay can be identified and addressed through more conservative restorative services when you regularly attend dental exams. In addition to making treatment less involved, timely care for a cavity can preserve more of your healthy tooth function. This is one reason why regular appointments are recommended. Because cavities can cause few identifiable problems before they become severe, it can be easy to overlook that something is wrong without undergoing evaluations.

Root Canal Therapy And Physical Discomfort

Because a root canal is a more involved procedure, patients are sometimes reluctant to schedule one. What you should know is that a tooth’s untreated condition will worsen over time, which can lead to tooth loss as well as the spread of infection. By undergoing your root canal, you can put a stop to your issues with discomfort.

Contact Us for More Information

Our Dallas, TX dental office provides conservative smile care for our patients, and we are also prepared to help when oral health issues are more severe. If you are experiencing symptoms that suggest root canal treatment is needed, we can help! For more information, call SILK Dental Wellness today at 214-969-7455 or use our online request system.