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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

When your teeth lose their brightness and become dulled and yellowed by stains, it can be hard to maintain your confidence. Discoloration can age a person and make them appear less attractive as well as less healthy. Fighting this problem on your own can be difficult—fortunately, your Dallas, TX dentist can help by offering a professional teeth whitening treatment!

What Your Dentist Can Do To Brighten Your Smile

While it is not the only cause of discoloration, the buildup of enamel stains is often the reason people experience problems with the color of their teeth. Store-bought solutions can have some effect, but they can fall short of giving you the improvements you hoped to enjoy. To help you see real results, SILK Dental Wellness provides professional treatments that rely on stronger, more effective bleaching agents!

Whiten Your Teeth At Home Or In Our Office

We can bring patients in for an in-office treatment that delivers remarkable results in just a short time, typically in one visit. We can offer chair-side bleaching with ZOOM Whitening, or we can recommend DASH, which offers impressive results without the need to stimulate the whitening gel on your teeth with a UV light.

For those patients who prefer a self-paced solution, we can prepare personalized kits for use at your home. Whether you want to fight significant stains by starting with an in-office appointment and continue treatments at your convenience or just want to handle your smile care on your own, we can help you fit cosmetic improvement more neatly into your schedule.

Are All Issues With Discoloration Addressed With Whitening Agents?

Internal problems can affect a tooth’s appearance, causing an unflattering grayish hue that can make you self-conscious. This is a problem we can help you address, but it can call for something other than teeth whitening treatment. Fortunately, our team members are experienced in taking on this and other matters, so we can see to it that you still enjoy the right smile improvements!

Contact Us for More Information

Dental discoloration is a common issue, but it is one that our practice can help you address! SILK Dental Wellness provides effective, patient-friendly cosmetic services in Dallas’ Uptown area. Whether you want to deal with teeth stains, another embarrassing issue, or even several problems with your smile, we can offer guidance on the right approach to treatment. For more details, call our dental office in the West Village area of Dallas, TX today at 214-969-7455 or use our online request system.