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Gum Reshaping

Gum Reshaping

Problems with your smile can often require cosmetic work to address issues with teeth that are misshapen, damaged, or discolored. However, sometimes the right strategy is one that takes on problems with the appearance of your gums. We provide gum reshaping services that use laser technology to make treatment more conservative and comfortable.

Correcting Problems With Bulky And Uneven Periodontal Tissues

Excess gum tissues can hurt the quality of your smile by making teeth appear squat or short, hurting the way you look. Laser technology can make a more conservative experience with care possible because we can work with more precision, leading to more targeted improvements and a faster recovery time!

Bulky and uneven tissues are also a source of concern as they can be distracting. SILK Dental Wellness is prepared to help with this concern. If your tissues cover more of your teeth, we can carefully trim away the excess in order to reveal more tooth structure and make your appearance more attractive. For bulky or uneven tissues, we carefully reshape areas that stand out for the wrong reasons.

Cosmetic work is tailored to your needs. We can identify areas of concern and talk to you about how you hope to look after your procedure is concluded. While you can follow this procedure with additional services to improve your smile, you may find that contouring reveals your ideal smile!

Laser Treatments And Your Gums

For both cosmetic and dental care that concerns your gums, we can provide services with laser technology. This approach provides precision, minimizes bleeding and tissue damage, and even reduces your risk for infection after care. Because your treatment with laser technology can shorten your recovery time, you can see the benefits of care in less time!

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Gum reshaping can take on different cosmetic concerns related to excess or uneven periodontal tissues. Because we rely on soft tissue laser technology to tend to these tissues, we can provide improvements with a conservative and comfortable procedure that delivers results in less time! For more information, contact SILK Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX at 214-969-7455 or use our online request system.