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Fixed Implant Bridges

Fixed Implant Bridges

Dental bridges are often used to address the loss of individual teeth, but larger bridges can successfully close a gap when several teeth are missing. To make sure your larger bridge remains secure, we can recommend that you have a dental implant put in place to hold it

Our office experience in the field of prosthetic dentistry helps us address different concerns and achieve different goals when it comes to restoring incomplete smiles. If an implant-held bridge is right for you, we can help you see lasting cosmetic and oral health benefits! For patients who have multiple missing teeth that are not adjacent, we can recommend a partial denture.

Keeping A Dental Bridge Secure With Implant Support

Implant dentistry can help stabilize different types of prosthetic appliances. For patients receiving dental bridges, implants can provide important additional security to make treatment more beneficial. To make sure a bridge with multiple replacement teeth stays in position and can hold up against bite pressure, an implant can act as a stabilizing force. This also provides additional value in the form of stimulation for your jawbone, keeping it from losing density.

The Long-Term Benefits Of Prosthetic Work

Whether you have a dental implant to hold a single replacement tooth, a fixed bridge, or even a full denture, prosthetic work can offer long-term benefits for your appearance and dental health. Our experience in the field of prosthetic dentistry can ensure that you have a tailored experience, one that gives you a lifelike and durable appliance to support your bite function and appearance. We can also provide continued support to make sure your appliance and remaining teeth are healthy, and that you continue to enjoy better bite stability and oral health support.

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Implant dentistry offers enduring functional support for personalized prosthetic appliances. At our Dallas, TX dental office, we can help you enjoy implant support for a fixed dental bridge. This creates more stability for a restoration that can replace several teeth in a row. To learn more about how we can use this and other solutions to give you back your full smile, call our dental office in the West Village area of Dallas at 214-969-7455 or use our online request system.