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TMJ Therapy

Worsening issues with the alignment of your jaw can lead to headaches, stiff and limited movements, and even discomfort felt in the face, head, and neck. Advanced imaging and treatment solutions can lead to relief from these regular difficulties. SILK Dental Wellness can work with you to confirm this condition is impacting your quality of life; from there, we can provide a tailored solution for your troubled dental movement.

How Can I Know If TMJ Disorder Is Impacting My Life?

There are warning signs that can tell you it is time to ask your dentist about TMJ therapy. The misalignment of your jaw can make biting, chewing, speaking, and laughing more difficult. You may feel pain, and you can also find that these movements have become stiff. Having trouble with TMJ disorder can result in more than just jaw pain and stiffness. Headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and facial discomfort are also associated with this condition. By letting us know these issues are impacting you, we can perform the appropriate review and proceed to treat the matter.

Fully Addressing Concerns With Your Jaw Alignment And Dental Health

Corrective therapy that responds to your poor joint alignment helps relieve the tension responsible for your discomfort. Better bite function can assist with your pain, and it can improve your bite function so that you avoid overusing certain teeth. As part of our review, we can also look out for other oral health concerns that have led to misalignments and recommend care to support vulnerable teeth.

Our Dallas, TX Dental Practice Can Help You Recover From TMJ Disorder

Recognizing that headaches, jaw pain, and other discomforts are linked to poor alignment of your bite movement and temporomandibular joints can lead to effective treatment. SILK Dental Wellness can use advanced methods to review your bite movement and dental alignment. From there, we can supply tailored care so that you relieve ongoing tension and improve your quality of life! For more information on how we can help you, call our Dallas, TX dental office today at (214) 969-SILK (7455).