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Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

Without the right approach to preventive dental care, you face serious risks from problems like:

  • Tartar Buildup
  • Cavities
  • Gingivitis
  • Gum Disease

Professional teeth cleaning removes plaque and tartar buildup on your smile to lower your risk for problems and preserve your appearance. As part of your overall oral hygiene routine, this service provides important support to keep your smile healthy and attractive!

Consistent Care For Areas That Are Hard To Reach

There are different benefits to teeth cleaning. One benefit is that your hygienist can see and treat areas that are difficult for you to reach on your own. Many problems with decay happen in the pits and grooves between the cusps of teeth. These spaces are difficult for you to clean with your toothbrush, and they are even difficult to access with acid-neutralizing saliva and fluoride. Having them evaluated and cleaned regularly stops the accumulation of bacteria and food debris from causing decay and making restorative treatments necessary.

Fighting Tartar Buildup

You can fight plaque buildup on your own, but when these deposits harden to form tartar, your smile becomes more vulnerable to problems. The bacteria contained in these deposits can cause dental decay and issues with gum disease, and any visible buildup can become a source of embarrassment. While brushing and flossing alone will not dislodge accumulated tartar, your hygienist can find and remove the material for you!

We Provide Dental Cleanings That Fit The Needs Of Our Patients

You can look forward to a positive experience during your teeth cleanings. Everyone on our staff is committed to providing friendly, personalized care that accounts for your comfort and dental history. For patients who have healthy smiles, we can stick with a routine of semiannual appointments. If you have a history of oral health issues, we can arrange a schedule of cleanings to better help you manage these problems and protect your smile!

Contact Us for More Information

Teeth cleanings provide valuable support for your oral health by keeping your smile safe from threats. Your hygienist can help you avoid issues with tooth decay and gum disease, lowering your risk for problems that require more involved care. To schedule your teeth cleaning, contact SILK Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX today at 214-969-7455 or fill out our online appointment request system.