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Single And Multi Tooth Replacement

Single And Multi Tooth Replacement

Implant dentistry changed what prosthetic treatment could do for a patient. With this approach, we can provide greater stability for replacement teeth, and we can restore the support you once received from the presence of now-lost teeth roots.

How Implant Dentistry Provides A More Comfortable And Secure Prosthetic

Implants are not the restorations themselves. Made from titanium, these screw-like components are used to secure prostheses to the jawbone. The support mirrors the kind of stability that teeth roots naturally provide to teeth. With their presence, it becomes easier to bite and chew with replacement teeth as well as teeth surrounding a gap.

Planning The Replacement Of One Tooth Or Several Teeth

Implant dentistry can be relied on to secure custom crowns. When secured to the implant, a lifelike crown prepared for you can make your smile appear whole again. You can count on the restoration to hold up against biting and chewing pressures, and you can even rely on the implant itself to help neighboring teeth remain stable.

For patients who need to replace several teeth, a dental implant can be used to hold a bridge in place. This can provide a more comfortable and secure solution when you receive a bridge that is made with several pontics (replacement teeth). We can even use multiple implants to hold a denture in position!

Placing And Restoring Dental Implants

Our practice has considerable experience with prosthetic treatment—in fact, we have a board-eligible member of the American Board of Prosthodontics on our team! We can make a process that may seem confusing or even intimidating easier by guiding you through what to expect. We also take care to closely evaluate patients and confirm they are good candidates for treatment. If there are issues that complicate your candidacy, we can discuss alternative solutions or look at ways to help you enjoy a successful placement.

An implant is placed directly into the jawbone, where it will occupy the space that once held your teeth roots. The process requires minor oral surgery and a period of healing before your restoration is set in position. We can take care to make the process itself comfortable for you, and we can provide guidance to make recovery easier as well. When you return, we will use a custom appliance to ensure both a natural look and more comfort.

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Implant dentistry can restore the loss of one tooth, as well as the loss of several. We provide exciting treatment options for people in and around Dallas, TX who are ready to address the toll that tooth loss has taken on their appearance, health, and overall quality of life. To discuss your issues and goals for prosthetic work, call our Uptown area dental office at 214-969-7455 or complete our online request system.