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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

The right tools can make important dental services easier and more comfortable. Laser dentistry lets us take on problems with more precision, which leaves healthy tissues unchanged. Patients who enjoy this approach to care experience less bleeding, are less likely to need sutures or anesthetic, and have a lower risk for infection after a procedure.

The Role That Laser Tools Play In Oral Health Care

Laser technology gives us the means to provide careful and conservative services that concern your gums. For patients who struggle with poor periodontal health, our Dallas, TX dental practice can provide a better experience addressing tartar buildup and infected tissues. We can also rely on this approach when performing gum reshaping work that improves your smile.

Laser Treatment And Your Health

Poorly managed problems with gum disease can have lasting consequences. In time, the infection can take its toll on your smile by weakening support for your teeth, a problem that can result in tooth loss. Bacteria that affect your gums can also create problems for your general health.

Laser tools provide the means to more accurately and carefully remove tartar buildup at your roots. Because we can work with greater precision, surrounding healthy portions of your gums are not impacted by care. This can make patients more comfortable during their procedure, and can even remove the need for suturing and anesthetic! Lasers also reduce your risk for infection, which can further improve recovery.

Using Lasers In Gum Reshaping Procedures

Not everyone with concerns about their periodontal tissues have health issues. For some, problems are cosmetic in nature, something our practice can address! A gum reshaping procedure can address bulky, excessive tissues and smooth out problems that cause asymmetry.

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Laser technology can provide better experiences when working with soft tissues. Both cosmetic procedures and treatments for gum disease can be more comfortable for patients during and after care with these tools. If you wish to learn more, contact our Dallas, TX dental practice at 214-969-7455, or use our online request system.