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Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings

Cavities do permanent damage to tooth enamel when they form, which is why the proper restorative treatment includes the placement of either a filling or a crown. We can provide lifelike composite fillings for people in and around Dallas, TX who hope to undergo treatment without experiencing changes in their appearance!

Unlike amalgam fillings that are made from metal and feature a silver color, composite fillings are made from a substance that can match the whiteness of your healthy enamel. Because of this, they can be placed without disrupting your appearance even if decay affects a more visible part of your smile.

Placing A Lifelike Dental Filling As Part Of Your Cavity Treatment

A composite filling can typically be placed in just one appointment. The material’s color is tinted to better match your surrounding enamel, to ensure your smile remains unchanged by treatment. With the right oral hygiene efforts after your procedure, you can count on this substance to remain in good condition for many years!

In addition to being more attractive, these restorations can also be placed through a more conservative process, and they offer long-term stability because they effectively bond to your enamel.

During an evaluation of your tooth, we can confirm that a composite filling is right for you. If there are concerns about moving forward with this procedure, we can discuss the advantages to an amalgam filling or recommend a dental crown, which offers more protection but requires more coverage of the tooth by completely surrounding it above the gumline. Remember that consistent dental exams will help you learn about and address problems with decay before they cause complications.

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Restorative dentistry can do more than just protect teeth that are affected by damage and decay. With the right restoration, we can provide lasting security for a vulnerable tooth and preserve how it looks! For more information on composite fillings you can receive in the Dallas, TX area, call SILK Dental Wellness at 214-969-7455, or take advantage of our online request system.