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Regenerative Tissue Grafting

The onset of gingivitis can be troubling, but the signs are often recognized and addressed before complications arise. Fortunately, many people are able to receive care before those complications impact their appearance and well-being. Unfortunately, those who do experience trouble with more severe infections can be unprepared for just how harmful their condition can become!

We Can Help When Your Infection Progresses Beyond Gingivitis

Advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis, poses a more severe threat to your health than you may realize. Bacteria responsible for your infection can enter the bloodstream and create general health risks. These microbes also cause destruction to tissues that support teeth, which makes them vulnerable to loosening and becoming lost. Gum disease complications lead all other causes of adult tooth loss. Through regenerative tissue grafting, we can address the damage to your gums to protect your complete smile and restore tissues!

Addressing The Destruction Of Periodontal Tissues With Regenerative Tissue Grafting

Regenerative tissue grafting tends to the damaged and vulnerable tissues that support teeth. Through this advanced procedure, we can address recession and damage while giving back structural support. By replacing lost tissues and stimulating regeneration, we can help you gain back a healthy smile and better defend you against tooth loss!

SILK Dental Wellness Provides Regenerative Tissue Grafting Services For The Dallas, TX Community

Our Dallas, TX dental office relies on advanced services and dedicated patient support to help patients with varying needs. For those who are vulnerable to tooth loss from advanced periodontal disease, we can recommend regenerative tissue grafting to help! For more information on this service and others that we provide, please call SILK Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX today at (214) 969-SILK (7455).