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Implant Dentures (Removable)

Implant Dentures (Removable)

Partial and full dentures make the restoration of a complete smile possible even when tooth loss is significant. You may assume that your denture will have to rest directly against the gums, but dental implants can assist with their support. Implants can make the appliance feel more comfortable, and it ensures that jawbone stimulation still occurs to protect you against tissue deterioration.

Are You Concerned That A Denture Will Feel Uncomfortable Or Insecure?

Dentures are custom-made to provide secure fits for the patients who receive them. Without implant support, they can rely on suction or epoxies to remain in position. Over time people can grow unhappy with their lack of functional support, and they can find that a restoration stops feeling as secure as it once did. Implant support can make you more comfortable with your denture, and it can help prevent jawbone resorption, a problem that can hurt your appearance and make your restoration less stable.

A full denture can be held in position with carefully placed implants. With greater security, you can feel more comfortable eating foods that were previously difficult to eat, and you can worry less about the appliance slipping or feeling insecure. 

Partial dentures can also rely on implant support. With these restorations, we can make a row of teeth complete once again, but we can still preserve healthy teeth that remain a part of your smile.

Before moving forward with any prosthetic procedure, we evaluate you to see what approach is ideal based on your concerns as well as the current state of your oral health. We are experienced in different forms of prosthetic care and can help you see lasting benefits from your treatment! During subsequent visits to our office for routine care, we can evaluate the state of your appliance as part of a comprehensive oral health review.

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With the addition of dental implant support, partial and full dentures can become more comfortable, offer more support, and do more to help to preserve your jaw health. To learn what we can do to help with your individual tooth loss concerns, call our dental office in the West Village area of Dallas at 214-969-7455 or use our online request system.