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Dental Victory Delivered Through A Root Canal

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Pain that results from the internal infection of the tooth can be especially debilitating. These microorganisms can reach beyond the durable exterior of the enamel through different mechanisms such as decay from cavities or from gum disease. Once they get there, bacteria can be difficult to remove. They have given themselves a fresh new defense within the tooth matter, after all.

One of the most effective tools available to a dental professional in the removal of this infection is the root canal. This procedure includes the removal of the fleshy interior through a pulpectomy. Once the site is free of bacterial growth, a putty seals the blood vessel contacts between the tooth and the jaw. While seemingly synonymous with dental pain in television and movies, this is actually a highly effective method of eradicating your troublesome infection. Be proactive in your care and see Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX to relieve your painful toothache. A root canal could be your ticket to a healthier mouth with a brighter future!

How Tooth Infection Can Develop

Bacterial infection of the tooth can occur from a variety of causes, but these often center around enamel damage. This harm can be as a result of immediate harm in instances of cracked or broken teeth. The enamel is a protective covering and if that defense is removed, microorganisms soon flood into the vulnerable exposed area. If you suffer physical trauma to one or more of your teeth, schedule an appointment to see if you can prevent infection through the use of bonding resin or a porcelain veneer procedure.

Other forms of enamel damage occur over a longer period of time. Periodontal disease is the infection of the gum tissue and this prevalent condition is a primary cause of tooth loss. When the gums pull back from their natural location, the vulnerable connections between the tooth and jaw can become exposed.

Stop Infection In Its Tracks

For the removal of infection in the interior of the tooth, a root canal is a helpful way of relieving pain and building a positive dental future. This process begins with the removal of damaged tissue. Your dental health professional removes the soft flesh from inside the tooth and seals the connections to the jaw with a putty called gutta-percha. A dental crown afterward helps to retain stability and prevent future reinfection. Discover how a root canal can help you to look and feel better!

Durable Restoration After Your Root Canal In Uptown Dallas, TX

Toothaches due to bacterial infection can keep you from being your best self. This pain can stop you in your tracks and without care, it can progress further into the bone of the jaw. If this reaches the bloodstream, it can become dangerous to your overall immunological wellbeing. Call Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX today for more information on how root canals can help you retain your smile. Schedule an appointment today to relieve your pain and plan for a brighter dental future!