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Are you in need of repair to your smile? Our teeth can experience damage due to a variety of causes outside of our control. Even small chips and other forms of enamel wear can develop into a larger concern. If you have recently suffered a physical trauma that requires the restoration of your dental material, your Dallas, TX dentist has you covered!

Silk Dental Wellness is proud to offer a full array of procedures to repair your enamel and give you back the power to control your oral health future. Your injury does not have to limit your personal wellness growth. In fact, these times can be great ways to renew the strength and vigor of your bite. From the repair of small blemishes with bonding to more extensive solutions, our office can help guide you through every step along your journey to self-care. Proudly located in the West Village in Uptown Dallas, our practice can help you lift your smile to new heights!

Discover The Composite Filling Advantage!

From time to time, bacterial growth within the mouth can lead to tooth decay. It is very important that we stick to a strict oral health routine including twice-a-day brushing so that colonies do not form. When these do begin to develop, the acidic waste that they emit can start to dissolve our enamel. This sturdy tissue forms the functioning outside surface of the tooth, and when it erodes or becomes weak, it makes these areas more susceptible to damage.

Oral health professionals rely upon dental fillings to safely and securely repair cavities. While traditional means use metal materials to plug these holes, our office proudly has the capability of bringing you a solution using composite resin. This process takes a combination of powdered glass and plastic that forms a durable and life-like restoration.

Composite resin forms a firmer bond than with traditional fillings, allowing for a repair that is meant to last. These also harden in a matter of seconds, reducing your period of recovery. Not only is this a fantastic structural fix, but this material is the most similar to your natural enamel as well. Uncover the difference with a composite filling for your cavity today!

Balance Your Smile And Eliminate Bacteria

Tooth extractions may be necessary in certain instances to ensure that the strength of your smile continues into the future. One common reason for this procedure is through severe infection. When bacteria are able to penetrate our defenses, they can cause significant harm to various parts of our mouth.

Root canals are one of the most effective tools in a dentist’s arsenal to rid the body of these organisms. During this procedure, the pulp must be removed. This is the interior fleshy portion that lies beneath the enamel. After eliminating the contamination, the connection to the jaw is closed using a plant-based putty called gutta-percha.

Often, the remaining structure is unable to support the rigors of chewing and speaking. If the damage places you at further risk of reinfection or a break, then you will most likely require a dental crown to ensure that you do not cause further harm. These are sturdy caps that reinforce our natural material!

Find A Beautiful Tooth Replacement

When you lose a vital piece of your bite, finding a suitable prosthodontic replacement can help you to keep your immune system protecting the location. A process known as reabsorption occurs when the body pulls resources from a part of the jaw in order to shield the remaining areas. Prosthodontic care aims to give you a beautiful functioning replacement that keeps your smile strong into the future.

The most technologically advanced solution available is a titanium post dental implant. This procedure takes advantage of a biological peculiarity known as osseointegration. While other metals become rejected by the immune system, the unique chemical makeup of titanium allows it to rest within the bone of the jaw.

After recovery, this post becomes durable enough to hold a replacement prosthetic. Interestingly, in the treatment of restoring a limb, the material develops such a connection with the body that patients develop a new sense similar to touch, feeling the vibration of the titanium!

Dental implant procedures are highly versatile, as well. While this is a great way to bring back strength to your bite in an individual area, this process can even restore a full set of teeth. Implant-supported dentures are an evolving specialty that brings the security of osseointegration to a whole mouth solution.

Renew Your Smile In Dallas, TX

Broken or damaged teeth can lead to further issues in the long run. If you suffer from enamel wear, Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX brings you the finest in composite resin fillings to protect your oral health future. For a gorgeous replacement that can improve over time, dental implants with a titanium post can restore your bite. Call our office at (214)969-SILK(7455) to learn more about the ways we strive to give you a strong and realistic smile repair!