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A Dental Crown Can Strengthen Your Smile

Dental Crown

When you are suffering from a damaged tooth, it is essential to act promptly. If it is left untreated, the tooth can potentially become even more damaged, increasing the chance of you needing more intrusive and expensive procedures, like oral surgery or extraction. Because of the potential for further damage, it is important to speak to your dentist as quickly as possible if you think you have a weakened tooth. If you do, one of the best solutions is a dental crown. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, dentist talks about dental crowns and how they can help strengthen your smile.

Bolstering Your Smile

Crowns consist of a piece of biocompatible material going over the top of a damaged tooth. This strengthens it to the point that it regains its full functionality. Dental crowns can be made with a variety of materials. For your molars, we can use durable metals like gold and silver to strengthen your teeth. Because these teeth are not usually visible and need to withstand more bite pressure, metal works effectively. For the teeth towards the front of your mouth, we can use porcelain or ceramic because it blends in with the rest of your smile, giving you a subtle yet effective solution. 

When Do You Need A Crown?

We will suggest a crown when a tooth suffers significant damage. In these cases, your tooth is weakened to an extent that you can no longer chew properly. Moreover, when you have a damaged tooth, it can potentially become infected; when your enamel becomes chipped, cracked, or harmed in any way, bacteria can seep inside, prompting decay. This is bad for your oral health and can also be extremely painful. Dental crowns can also help support bridges; when you are missing a tooth and receive a bridge, the teeth on either side of the gap are outfitted with a crown to provide more support for your prosthetic. 

What Is Receiving A Crown Like?

The first step of getting a crown consists of your dentist taking detailed scans of your smile to create vivid images. This allows them to craft a custom crown that perfectly fits your unique smile. Once they have said images, they will be able to craft the crown, itself. Once it is made, your dentist will carefully place it on your tooth and tweak it to ensure it fits exactly as it should. Once it is in place, you will still want to come back every six months for your regular appointments. During your checkups and cleanings, your dentist will inspect the crown to make sure it is functioning well and keeping your tooth strong and functional.

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