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Extractions Can Be Important For Your Smile

tooth extraction

Did you know that a tooth extraction can save your smile? Indeed, in certain situations, removing a tooth can benefit the rest of your mouth. While the thought of losing one can seem daunting and like a failure of oral health, extraction is a common oral surgery procedure and your replacement options are incredibly lifelike. New dental technology has made extraction far less intrusive and implants more advanced than ever before. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, dentist discusses the times when removing a tooth is the best option and the ways we can fill in your smile afterward. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

There are several situations where removing a tooth is necessary. One of the most common instances — one you’ve probably heard of a lot — is when you need a wisdom tooth extracted. This is incredibly routine, and you’ve likely had friends and family members tell you about their experiences, including all the ice cream and pudding they ate while recovering. Wisdom teeth are the molars in the very back of your mouth. While some people have them come in without incident, others find they’re coming in at improper angles. Moreover, in some cases, these teeth only partially erupt, causing your teeth and gums to be more susceptible to bacteria. In other instances, the arrival of wisdom teeth can overcrowd your existing teeth. Any of these outcomes are painful and disruptive, so it is beneficial to have these back molars removed. 

Extracting Other Teeth

In addition to needing wisdom teeth removed, your other teeth can experience damage severe enough to warrant extraction. Sometimes teeth suffer from significant decay that is too far gone to fix with restorative procedures. Teeth can also experience external trauma if hit or cracked deeply enough. Similarly, in these cases, cosmetic procedures may not work. A final instance that could necessitate removing a tooth is if it becomes infected. Infection can spread from your tooth, to the rest of your mouth, and even to the rest of your body. Those with compromised immune systems should be aware of this possibility.

Implants Can Fill The Space

After your tooth is extracted, there are several fantastic implant options. Implants are not only permanent, but they can also help ensure your jawbone stays healthy and sufficiently dense. When you are missing teeth, the bone isn’t receiving enough stimulation and can lose density. There are numerous implant options that can address a variety of issues, so you can receive a prosthetic that fits your needs while still getting enough stimulation. We can provide single or multi-tooth replacement, implant-supported fixed hybrid dentures, removable implant dentures, and more.

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