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Now Is A Great Time For Your Restoration

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Have you damaged one or more of your existing teeth and are in need of a repair? When your smile has lost some of its quality due to injury or infection, reach out to a helping hand in your dentistry. The right choice in the method of your restoration can make all the difference in your outcome, so it is vital that you weigh all of your options with a trusted source of information. You also may have decisions to make in the material of your solution, so take the time to understand the strengths of each type.

At our office in Dallas, TX, we can guide you through the process every step of the way in the process. We understand that this can be a stressful time, so be sure to ask all of your questions at your initial examination. In order to help you make the choice that is right for the future of your smile, we want to know your feelings. You may have options in your repair, both in material and method, and your input is invaluable in finding a solution that meets or exceeds your expectations.

For the repair of your damaged smile, we are here to help. Waiting to seek treatment can put you at further risk of serious complications, such as bacterial infection within your tooth. When this happens, you could require a root canal treatment procedure to eliminate the growth and free you of pain at the location. Speak to us about a dental filling or a crown to help rebuild the protection that your natural enamel previously provided. From minor chips to larger solutions, talk to Silk Dental Wellness about your needs!

Dental Fillings Restore Your Tooth After A Cavity Forms

One of the most common instances of damage that needs a repair from your dentist is a cavity. This is an area of your tooth where you have fully lost the coating of your natural enamel, and when one of these forms, it places you at risk of further harm. Bacteria can easily move into the softer and more porous dentin material that makes up the bulk of your tooth.

In order to protect your smile from problem developments, talk to your dentist about a composite resin filling. Our fillings use an advanced material to renew your tooth with a solution that matches the shade of your existing enamel. Do not put off treatment for your cavity, and instead, speak to us about your repair.

Lasting Stability With A Repair Using A Dental Crown

A cracked or broken tooth is another reason as to why you might need to speak with a qualified dental professional. If you have experienced an injury that has damaged your natural enamel, come see us about a durable new dental crown. This is a sturdy cap that your provider will place atop your existing tooth structure, giving you back the ability to chew with confidence.

If you require a root canal treatment, a dental crown will be necessary in order to stabilize your tooth. The drilling process during this procedure removes a significant amount of your natural material alongside the soft tissue known as pulp. Your new solution will help you to retain the tooth and keep your smile strong!

Bridges Provide You With A Beautiful Replacement Of A Missing Tooth

Our restoration methods are helpful for those who have recently lost a tooth, as well. When you need a full replacement of a missing piece of your smile, talk to us about the possibility of a dental bridge. This is an appliance-based form of repair that uses the healthy teeth on either side of your gap to support a hanging prosthetic that gives you the ability to renew your appearance, while providing the function that you need in chewing.

Talk with your provider about whether this solution is right for your smile. For some with age or illness-related tooth loss, a biocompatible dental implant is an option that can be expanded to include future areas in need of prosthodontic repair. We can help you to understand your options so that you can make a decision that works for your particular needs.

Speak With Silk Dental Wellness About Your Restoration In Dallas, TX

Do not wait to speak with a provider about your issue. For the treatment of your damaged or missing tooth, talk to a member of our valued team about your options. Call us at Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX at (214)969-7455, and start your path back toward a healthy smile!