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The deterioration of your smile is something that can happen in the blink of an eye, as something as small as a trip over a curb can leave you with pieces of your smile all over the pavement. Even when these are small chips or cracks, you might hyperfixate on the problem, and if it affects your daily life, it is important to speak with a provider about all of your options. Enamel damage can feel enormous within your mouth, regardless as to whether anyone else can notice your blemish.

At Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX, we are here to help you feel your most confident in your smile, so if there is something that is bothering you, stop letting it drag you down! From cracks and breaks to more extensive needs, speak with our team about your options in repair. We offer our clients multiple methods of tooth restoration, so there is a method that can fit your specific situation. From dental bonding to appliance-based repair including crowns and bridges, you have the ability to address your cracked or broken tooth!

Address Smaller Instances Of Damage Before They Progress

Prevention is key within the world of dentistry, and so it is important to care for any broken or cracked teeth as soon as they occur. For some patients, it may seem easy to ignore your minor instance of enamel damage, as it does not appear to expose the underlying dentin material. Even if you are not at immediate risk of infection, this area may be rough to the touch, which can be annoying!

Dental bonding is a process that aims to recreate your enamel through the use of composite resin. This is a similar material to the one used in dental fillings, which blends in with the rest of your existing natural teeth. Speak with your provider about your enamel repair needs while you are in the office for a regular cleaning and examination.

You Could Be At Risk Of A Painful Infection

The damage of one or more of your natural teeth can become a serious issue, if you ignore the severity. Your enamel serves as a durable barrier between your mouth and the more vulnerable structures beneath the surface of your teeth, and when this suffers damage, it can expose you to infection. A dental crown is a helpful method of repair, which uses a durable cap to replace your chewing surface, while keeping your natural tooth secure.

Repairing Your Enamel In Uptown Dallas

The damage of one of your existing teeth is something that you should not put off. Speak with Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX today for more information about how we can restore your tooth after a break or crack!