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Live Your Life With Sturdy New Prosthodontics

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The loss of a tooth is a significant event in your life, and you have the power to make the right decision for your future. Replacement after an extraction can be a difficult choice to make on your own. That is why we are dedicated to helping you know your possibilities at Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX. You have options in your prosthodontic repair solution, so feel free to ask as many questions as you would like at your examination and consultation.

There are multiple approaches to replacing your missing tooth, and the correct selection of these can depend on the current strength of your existing teeth. Additional factors such as age and genetics may play a role in which methods are more suitable for your specific situation. Look to the future with positive prosthodontic repair to help you to continue to smile and bite with the confidence you deserve!

Plan Ahead When You Know Tooth Loss Is Coming

If you have a tooth that is substantially infected or broken, you might have already received a diagnosis that you require an extraction. When you know your situation, it can give you the time to prepare. Take the time to learn a bit about the different methods of prosthodontic renewal available to you. The proper knowledge can give you an advantage in the direction of your smile repair. Take advantage of positive resources to help you make the right choice. Speak with us to learn more about your options.

A Dental Bridge Can Help Share The Load

One trusted form of tooth replacement is a dental bridge. This procedure includes the placement of dental crowns on your otherwise healthy teeth on either side of the gap. Your new prosthetic replacement rests between, creating a life-like new chewing surface.

A dental bridge can be a helpful solution for those with otherwise durable smiles. If there is not enough stability left in your remaining teeth, your dentist may suggest an alternative. Express all your concerns with your oral health care provider at this time in order to work collectively to your positive outcome.

Full Or Partial Dentures Offer Functional And Cosmetic Benefits

Not all situations have two durable teeth surrounding a gap. If you have individual instances of loss that are in differing areas of the mouth, a partial denture could help you. This form of prosthodontic repair can help using clasps or hidden enclosures that keep it securely attached.

We also offer full dentures at our practice. Newer techniques include a hybrid approach with dentures and implant technology. Speak with us about how adding support with titanium posts can give you a new set of teeth that stay firmly in place through tough situations.

Dental Implants Give You A Smile That Works With Your Biology

An increasingly popular form of prosthodontic solution is the process of a new dental implant. This method begins with the placement of a strong titanium post within the bone of your jaw. A process of recovery afterward helps your body to acclimate to your new addition. This special metal forms a snug connection with your jaw. The post can then support a new prosthetic tooth.

Implant technology can give you a gorgeous replacement for your missing tooth. Saying hello to a beautiful prosthetic can help you to move on with your life. Take the lessons you have learned with you in your oral health to care for your remaining natural teeth.

Charting Your Dental Path Forward With Silk Dental Wellness

Whatever your decision, we are here to help you along through the process. Dental bridges can help you to restore your bite function. This prosthetic attaches to the healthy teeth on either side of your gap. For a solution that builds strength through a biological connection, speak with your oral care provider about how a dental implant can help you to maintain your natural bone. There are options available to you!

The replacement of your natural tooth with a prosthetic solution is a decision with great importance to your future. You rely on your mouth for chewing and speaking. When you lose one or more of your teeth, it can make your life more difficult. A helpful form of prosthodontic repair can allow you to bite with confidence again. Speak with our team at Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX at (214)969-SILK(7455) to schedule a consultation today.