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From time to time, our mouths can need some special care in strength restoration. The extraction of wisdom teeth is a common experience for many, for instance. Despite fantastic home oral health care, you still may need the removal of these molars so that they do not impact and cause lasting damage to the enamel. The growth of these teeth can also directly lead to the shifting of your alignment. If you are a teen or young adult, be sure to set routine appointments for imaging of your jaw so that the development of your last set of molars does not occur without a proper eye from a trained oral health care professional.

At Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX, we offer specialized surgical care that can help your smile to regain its vitality and stay strong for years to come. Our team proudly serves all of North Texas through our office in Uptown Dallas at a centralized metroplex location. If you require a surgical solution to save your smile, rest easy in care from our team here at Silk Dental Wellness!

Removing A Tooth Can Benefit Your Whole Smile

While we prefer to keep your healthy biological tissue in place when we can, there are occasions when the extraction of a tooth can provide the best care for the future of your smile. It is best in these instances to be proactive and to recognize what led you to this point. If your dentist suggests the possibility of an extraction is your best move, you should not take this lightly. This means that allowing your tooth to remain can lead to serious and possibly life-threatening risks in the future.

Severe infection is one instance where the removal of an individual tooth can help you to protect the remaining structures of the mouth. When bacteria have conquered a tooth, they continue to grow and this situation can lead to even more damage. This can either spread to the dental figures near it or even down deep into the bone of the jaw. If a problem tooth is going to cause you more heartache, let it go.

Extracting Wisdom Teeth

There is one instance where a large number of people require extractions. This of course refers to the development of our last set of molars, which are also known as our wisdom teeth. These are evolutionary holdovers from a time when humans primarily subsisted on raw meat. Early man required additional bite strength and as we began to eat more cooked meat, our faces have become slimmer.

This last set of molars generally develop between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. If you are of this age or the parent of a young adult, be sure to visit routinely for imaging on these teeth. They can often grow quite erratically and cause serious damage. A common occurrence is crowding, when these molars force your existing teeth forward. This situation can lead to serious concerns with the health of your enamel. Sometimes the growth is strong enough that it can crack your existing teeth and require restoration to prevent internal infection.

Restore Bone Matter

The loss of jaw bone material can occur as a result of an infection that has reached beyond the tooth. You also may be looking at a dental implant procedure and require a more stable foundation for your threaded titanium post. Until the location is sturdy enough to support the stress, you might be on hold with your tooth replacement procedure.

Bone grafts can bring material to restore your jaw after an extraction or infection. This is the transplantation of bone matter from another source. This tissue can come from your own body or from an external source such as a donor bank. When this heals, it can give you a new quality foundation on which to build your new tooth replacement solution!

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