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Do You Need A Tooth Removed?

Dallas, TX, dentist offers extractions for wisdom teeth and more

Your dentist’s primary goal is to keep all of your pearly whites healthy and intact. When you have damaged one of these or have a cavity, there is usually a way to restore them. In some cases, though, the best way to save your smile is to remove a tooth. Silk Dental in Dallas, TX, is here today to explain what to expect when having this surgery done.

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Why We Remove Third Molars

Your third molars, commonly known as your wisdom teeth, grow later than the rest of your dentition. Due to their size and the timing of their development, they can often pose problems for your other teeth. As they come in, they may cause discomfort or tenderness to the area. They can also shift your other pearly whites around or become impacted. To prevent these problems, your dentist may recommend that they be removed. During your routine dentist visit, X-rays can be used to track the development of these molars. This will help determine the best time to extract them.

Other Reasons To Extract Teeth

There are several reasons why removing a tooth may be the best solution. Before beginning orthodontic treatment, it may be necessary to extract one that is causing overcrowding. This will make the alignment process more efficient. In other cases, the area has irreparable damage. If you have decay, this can usually be treated with a filling or root canal. However, if the cavity is severe, it may be in your best interest to remove the entire structure. Severely broken teeth may also be removed if a crown cannot restore it.

Preparing For Your Oral Surgery

Before this surgery, you may have the option of numbing the area or sedation. Wisdom teeth removal may involve stronger forms of sedation because this is a more invasive procedure than a simple extraction. Then, the dentist will make an incision and gently remove the structure. The area will be cleaned and closed, and gauze may be placed to reduce bleeding. You will need a friend or family member to drive you home after this appointment, as anesthesia may still be in effect.

Depending on the type of removal that was performed, your healing time may vary. For a simple tooth extraction, the area may be healed after a day or so. Wisdom tooth recovery may take around a week or more. During this time, remember to eat soft foods and avoid smoking and drinking through a straw. If you have any questions, you can contact your dental team.

Schedule Your Appointment

Removing a tooth may be the best way to repair your smile. To schedule this surgery, call Silk Dental in Dallas, TX, today at (214) 969-SILK (7455).