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Composite Fillings Restore Your Smile After Cavities

Silk Dental In Dallas, TX, offers fillings to restore smile
Silk Dental In Dallas, TX, offers fillings to restore smile

Almost all people will have tooth decay at least once in their life. Even with proper oral hygiene and trips to the dentist, caries can still form. At Silk Dental in Dallas, Texas, we can offer fillings to repair the tooth and prevent further damage from occurring. Today, we are here to explain why it is essential to treat cavities, and how we do this.

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How Cavities Form

You may notice that some people are more susceptible to tooth decay than others. There are many factors that can lead to this. Diet, hygiene habits, and genetics can all play a role in how often you experience tooth decay. Biannual trips to the dentist and a good oral hygiene routine can help keep your smile healthy.

At your twice-yearly cleaning and checkup, your dentist will check for early signs of decay. This can be seen in a cleaning if there is a noticeable change in your tooth’s texture. X-rays can also show early signs of a carie forming.

How Composite Fillings Help

If we notice that a cavity has begun to form, we can schedule a restoration. It is important to repair a tooth that has decay because it can continue to develop and damage the pulp. When it reaches this point, you will need a root canal to recover the tooth.

Unlike other materials, the composite used for this restoration helps blend in with the rest of your smile. It will also repair the enamel and prevent cavities from forming again. This, in combination with good hygiene, can help prevent more cavities from forming.

Placing The Filling

This is a common practice that can be done in a single appointment. First, we will examine the area and take X-rays. This helps take a closer look at the affected area. Then, the dentist will go in to remove the damaged part of the tooth. In some cases, you may be sedated to be comfortable. The decay will be removed, and the area will be cleaned. Then composite will be added and sealed. This protects the tooth from potential bacteria growing in the area again. Following the appointment, you will need to avoid eating or drinking for approximately 30 minutes while the filling sets. After that, you are free to go about your daily activities. If you have any questions, call your dentist. To care for your smile after this restoration, be sure to brush, floss, and use mouthwash as well as continue biannual checkups.

Do Not Ignore Tooth Decay

Restorative dentistry can do more than just protect teeth that are affected by cavities. Call SILK Dental Wellness at 214-969-7455 in Dallas, TX, to schedule an appointment. We also have an online request system.