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Your Renewal With Beautiful Dental Implants

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If you have recently been given a diagnosis that requires the extraction of one or more of your existing natural teeth, you might be overwhelmed at your options. Take the time to speak with a trusted provider about your prosthodontic possibilities, so that you can make the choice that is right for your smile. Every mouth has its own strengths and weaknesses, and a knowledgeable dentist can help you to understand your journey.

Here at Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX, we are dedicated to bringing you a positive solution to your tooth replacement needs. One of your options is in the placement of a gorgeous new dental implant, which derives its strength from an unparalleled connection to the bone of your jaw. With this approach, you can have a lasting smile repair that your dentist can expand to include further replacement needs, which can be a significant benefit for those experiencing illness or age-related tooth loss. Speak with our team about whether a dental implant is the right choice for your smile!

Dental Implants Are Possible Through Biocompatibility

The placement of a durable dental implant centers around the use of a threaded titanium post that your provider sets in your jaw bone. This metal has a particular property known as osseointegration that allows it to remain as you heal around it. During your period of recovery, your jaw will grow snugly to this post, creating a stable foundation for a beautiful new prosthetic tooth.

This process has revolutionized the field of prosthodontics and gives you the ability to have a lasting renewal of your smile. Dental implants are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use with a secure bond. Rather than relying upon a connection to another tooth, this form of repair can stand on its own. Schedule a consultation with your dentist to see if this method suits your smile!

Discover The Lasting Advantages Of Dental Implants

For those experiencing tooth loss as a result of advancing age or illness, dental implants provide a versatile solution that your dentist can adapt to suit your needs. The post can remain while your provider switches out your prosthetic for one that fits your needs, so you have the ability to move toward a more extensive solution with grace. One increasingly popular solution is a full mouth of implant-supported dentures, which can often be held with only four posts per jaw!

Sturdy And Gorgeous Dental Implants In Uptown Dallas

Your tooth loss is not the end of your dental journey! Take some time to visit with our helpful team at Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX by calling (214)969-7455, and discuss whether a biocompatible dental implant is the right choice for your smile.