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Tested Repair With A Dental Crown

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Let’s face it: anyone can experience a broken or chipped tooth on any given day. You use your mouth constantly and while enamel is the hardest material in your body, it is not indestructible. If you have experienced an injury to one or more of your existing teeth, talk to your dentist about your options in repair. Speedy restoration can help you to avoid the further deterioration of the area as a result of bacterial growth and decay.

When you need a repair of a cracked or broken tooth, schedule an appointment with our helpful team of dental professionals in Dallas, TX. We can help you to better understand your choices in repair, and also let you know the advantages of a strong new dental crown. This method of treatment uses a sturdy cap that your dentist will place atop your existing material, giving you back the ability to chew and bite in an area where you have injured a tooth. Take charge of your dentistry with positive restoration with a new dental crown!

A Crown Can Help You To Prevent Additional Damage

If you have damaged one or more of your teeth as a result of injury, do not wait to see a trusted dentist about your situation. As you delay, bacteria could start to invade your tooth, since you may have removed the layer of enamel from the surface. This material provides a significant amount of protection for your smile, and so the longer you wait to find restoration, the more harm can occur.

One of the ways that you can renew the stability to your injured tooth is with a form of treatment known as a dental crown. This method of repair uses a hardy cap that your provider affixes to your tooth, helping you to bring back the protection and stability that you have lost.

We Have Dental Crowns That Can Match Your Natural Smile

A common concern among patients in need of a restoration is whether or not their new dental crown will negatively impact their appearance when they smile. For this reason and more, we offer our clients the option of ceramic crowns (including CEREC). This way, you can renew your broken tooth without showing the world your procedure. Talk to your provider about whether a CEREC crown is right for your specific instance of dental damage.

Revitalize Your Dentistry With A New Dental Crown In Dallas, TX

When you need a repair of an injured tooth, speak with a trusted team of dental professionals about your options. For more information on how a CEREC dental crown could help you, give us a call at Silk Dental Wellness today at (214)969-SILK(7455) and schedule your appointment!