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Reward Your Smile With Dedicated Cleaning And Care

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The maintenance of your smile is something that you need to care for throughout your entire life. If it has been a while since your last visit with a trained oral health professional, take this opportunity to find your way back to a positive dental path. Schedule your next cleaning and examination with our team in order to keep your smile safe from the development of tooth decay and bacterial growth.

Have you also begun to notice a change in your gumline? If so, it might be a symptom of the infection and inflammation of your gum tissue. This condition is known as periodontal disease, and it is a highly common occurrence within American mouths; in fact, nearly half of us have some extent of it. When you start to see a change in the quality of your gums, take the time to speak with a trusted dental health provider about your options in treatment.

At our office in Uptown Dallas, TX, we can help you to slow or even stop the progression of your periodontal disease. Through a combined set of techniques known as scaling and root planing, we can remove your bacterial buildup of plaque and tartar. This process helps you to improve the health of your gums, so if you have started to see blood whenever you brush, give us a call!

Start Your Path With A Thorough Cleaning Of Your Teeth

Even with immaculate smile maintenance, you home brushing and flossing is not enough to keep your smile safe throughout your life. You need the help of a trained dental professional for a few different things, including the removal of your tartar accumulation. We have tools available at the office that you do not at home, and our expertise allows us to free you of this material.

The first phase of harmful biofilm is known as plaque, and you might notice this in the morning before you brush your teeth. You can brush plaque off your teeth, but if it stays on the surface of your enamel for an extended period of time, it can pose serious problems. When it calcifies into tartar, you are no longer able to safely remove it on your own. This hard substance will continue to contribute to your tooth decay until you see a skilled dental hygienist. The cleaning of your teeth is the first step in your semiannual checkup!

Learn How To Improve Your Brushing And Flossing With A Visual Examination

After your dedicated cleaning, you will receive an examination of all parts of your mouth. This portion of your semiannual checkup is vital in giving you the tools you need to continue having successful home care of brushing and flossing. Even if you spend the appropriate amount of time on your routine dental maintenance, there still might be areas that you are unconsciously missing.

One common situation that affects a patient’s ability to properly brush and floss is misalignment. If your teeth crowd or overlap in certain areas, you may struggle to remove the plaque when caring for your teeth, allowing the material to harden into tartar. Talk with us about the possibility of clear aligner therapy to correct your alignment if you are having difficulties reaching every part of your mouth.

Caring For Your Gums With Scaling And Root Planing

Periodontal disease is strikingly common in the United States, as almost half of us are currently battling this condition. This is readily accepted as one of the top causes of tooth decay and loss, so if you have begun to see the recession of your gums, take charge of the situation with a visit to your dentist. We can help you through scaling and root planing, which works to keep your smile safe below the gumline.

This process is commonly referred to as a “deep cleaning,” and it is highly effective at reducing the inflammation associated with periodontal disease. For more extensive repair, we can recommend a gingival graft, which aims to restore your gumline by replacing your lost material. Your condition will continue to progress until you seek treatment, so call your dentist today!

Positive Preventive Care With Silk Dental Wellness In Uptown Dallas, TX

If it has been a while since your last visit to the dentist, come in for a cleaning and examination of your smile. We can help you to regain your focus on oral health with a semiannual checkup and periodontal services. For more information on our team, give us a call at SILK Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX today at (214)969-7455.