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Restore Your Teeth for A Full Smile

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The damage of your natural teeth can happen even with diligent maintenance. The important thing to remember is that the advice and treatment of a trained dental health provider is invaluable in the future of your smile. Your mouth is designed to work in a balanced way, with distinct methods of protection. Breaks or cracks in your enamel can lead to an infection of the soft tissue beneath, so take the time to speak with your dentist at Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX.

The repair of your enamel is possible through a few different methods, depending on your needs. For the correction of cavities due to tooth decay, a dental filling takes the place of the missing surface material. We use an advanced resin so that you have a solution that blends in and appears natural. For structural damage like a crack, a dental crown serves as a durable cap atop your existing tooth. Schedule your checkup and be sure to bring up all of your issues with your provider, as we are here to help!

How Fillings Restore Your Missing Enamel After A Cavity

Tooth decay is a prevalent condition that can leave you susceptible to further harm. Be sure to stick to a strict schedule with your semiannual checkups so that you are receiving a dedicated examination and cleaning every six months. Some smiles require more frequent visits, so keep to the timeline given to you by your provider.

Your enamel blocks the spread of bacterial growth into the underlying dentin. If you have a cavity, a composite filling gives you back the protection that you have lost. This process uses an advanced resin to reinforce your existing tooth material while appearing natural.

Saving Teeth With Durable Dental Crowns

The repair of cracked or broken teeth is possible through the use of a durable dental crown. These are caps that take over the chewing function from your natural enamel, and they also help to protect the material below the gumline. Infection can set in rapidly after damage, so speak with a provider quickly after you suffer dental trauma. A crown could be your ticket to a renewed dental wellness.

Keeping Mouths Strong In Uptown Dallas

Call Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the ways that restorative procedures can help your smile. Dental fillings help renew your enamel in areas that have been lost due to decay. For the protection of a broken or cracked tooth, a dental crown can be a solution in order to avoid future infection that can require an extraction. Do not delay in seeking treatment, as your enamel provides a durable shield for the soft tissue beneath. Discover the benefits of restorative care!