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Lasting Repair With A Secure New Dental Implant

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Have you recently lost one or more of your natural teeth? If you have recently had an extraction procedure, or if your dentist has recommended one, your next steps are vital. You have options in your tooth replacement, so take the time to talk with a knowledgeable and caring team of dental professionals about your possibilities. Every smile is different, and we can help you to learn about how each of your prosthodontic choices can give you a new artificial tooth.

At our dental practice in Dallas, TX, one of our options in replacing your missing tooth is through the placement of an elegant new dental implant. This process harnesses a special biochemical property known as osseointegration to bring you an unparalleled connection to your jaw, allowing you to freely chew and speak with confidence. If you have heard about dental implants and would like to learn more, schedule an appointment with a trusted dental practice in the heart of Uptown Dallas!

How Dental Implants Give You A Tooth Replacement That You Can Trust

When you need a prosthodontic replacement, take some time to learn about how dental implants work. The concept centers around a particular biochemical mechanism known as osseointegration, which is also used in current limb replacement techniques.

Certain materials have the ability to fool your immune system into thinking that they are part of your own natural tissue. Titanium is one of these special elements, and it is also a highly durable metal. When your provider places a sturdy titanium rod within the bone of your jaw, you will grow snugly around it, creating the post for your new dental implant solution.

A Prosthodontic Solution That Is Built To Last With Dental Implants

After your short period of recovery, your new implant post will serve as the foundation for your prosthodontic replacement. Your dentist will attach a beautiful new custom prosthetic tooth atop your threaded post. If necessary, any adjustments to your implant can be made at this time, so be sure to speak up about any discomfort.

Since your titanium post can remain regardless of prosthetic attachment, you can also find a speedy repair to any damage to your dental implant. Come back to the office for any changes and discover one of the many benefits of this form of tooth replacement.

Talk To Silk Dental Wellness In Uptown Dallas About Dental Implants

If you have recently lost a tooth, or if you have received a diagnosis requiring an extraction, talk with a member of our team of quality dental professionals. Learn more about the dental implant process by calling us at Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX at (214)969-7455, and schedule your appointment to see if this procedure is right for you.