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Free Yourself From Tooth Pain With A Root Canal

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When you have a bacterial infection that has taken hold within the interior of one of your teeth, it can lead to a seriously debilitating toothache. In addition to this discomfort, this problem can continue to spread into the bone of your jaw and even into your bloodstream. There are intricate networks of cardiovascular and nervous system connections that can allow microorganisms to travel beyond the tooth. For this reason, it is vital to your overall health that you address your problem.

With a root canal treatment from Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX, you have the opportunity to stop your bacterial infection in its tracks. This process removes the soft tissue known as pulp from within your tooth, eliminating the immediate cause for concern. Afterward, your qualified dental health professional will seal the connections to your jaw with a sturdy sealant, preventing the spread of any infection at the site. A durable dental crown restores the chewing surface of your tooth, giving you a lasting solution!

Removing The Infection With A Pulpectomy

One of the key elements of a root canal treatment procedure is the removal of the infected soft tissue within your tooth. This procedure is known as a pulpectomy, and it frees your tooth of the bacterial growth that has been causing your symptoms. After your trained dental provider excises this material, you are left with an exposed tooth; further action is necessary to restore the protection that your enamel previously provided.

When the tooth is fully free of infected pulp, your dentist will apply a sealant within the connections between this tooth and the rest of your body. This material is known as gutta-percha, which is a plant-based putty used to block future bacterial spread. Without treatment, or with improper sealing of these canals, you could experience the further infection of bone tissue in your jaw.

Completing Your Root Canal Treatment With A Dental Crown

After the removal of your infection with a pulpectomy, you will need the placement of a dental crown to ensure that the location stays safe for years to come. The drilling process can remove significant amounts of your natural tooth, leaving you susceptible to future damage or bacterial growth. A dental crown renews your bite function, while preventing further infection. Speak with our team about the differences in materials for your crown, as we offer multiple solutions to fit your particular needs.

Find Relief With A Root Canal Treatment In Dallas, TX

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