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How Cosmetic Dentistry Takes On Smile Flaws

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What difference can cosmetic dentistry make when it comes to the quality of your smile? By coming to our Dallas, TX dental office to discuss services and your goals, you can find that significant changes can be made to the way you look. What you can also find is that the results you want can require less time and less work than you anticipate!

We provide personalized treatment solutions for our patients; one person’s needs and comfort level with treatment can differ from another’s, and it is important that these differences be addressed. For all of our patients, we rely on solutions that keep care conservative and comfortable. Many who are interested in cosmetic work can also have oral health issues that they need resolved. If this is the case for you, we can work on integrating this kind of care into your treatment plan. You can find that restorative services are capable of correcting health-related issues while also making desirable changes to your smile!

Cosmetic Services Take On Many Different Concerns

When you think about what the ideal smile looks like, it is safe to assume you picture bright, white enamel and a symmetrical appearance. It is also safe to assume that the smile you imagine is free from noticeable damage or problems with spacing. Different flaws hold us back from feeling truly confident in the way our teeth look. What can be frustrating is how something relatively minor can feel so conspicuous. Our teeth can be one of the first features people notice, and they can be quick to observe something like stains, a chipped tooth, or even trouble with crowding or excess space.

The field of cosmetic dentistry takes on these different areas of concern. With the approaches that we rely on, changes can be made even as the amount of work done to your tooth remains conservative. You may find that one procedure is enough to take on all of your worries even if you have several improvements that you would like to see! Our options for care even include effective solutions for unflattering issues that affect your gums.

Services That Address Dental Discoloration

Dental discoloration is a common problem, one that can be difficult to fully avoid thanks to the abundance of foods and drinks that cause stains to form. Dark and color-rich products contain chromogens or tannins responsible for their hues. These particles are left behind on our enamel, and they can steadily build and worsen concerns about discoloration even when people practice effective oral hygiene routines. Fighting problems with enamel stains can prove difficult if you only try to do so on your own, as store bought products can have limited effects. Our practice can make their treatment convenient by providing a single-visit office treatment as well as the option to take home a customized kit that contains potent bleaching agents you can safely use on your own.

Not everyone who has discoloration should focus on stain removal for treatment. We can evaluate you and determine if you need to address intrinsic discoloration. This refers to any problems within the tooth structure that can make your smile appear dull. For these kinds of problems, dental veneers and in some cases full dental crowns are used to make the appropriate changes.

Strategies For Restoring And Reshaping Teeth

Porcelain-made dental veneers provide an effective response to problems with teeth that are distracting due to their inappropriate shapes or sizes. These restorations can also hide dental damages, and in some cases can even provide a short-term fix for poor spacing. Their creation and placement are fit into just two visits. At your first appointment, your dentist will capture all of the measurements needed to craft custom veneers and perform preparatory work as needed. During your follow-up appointment, we will confirm that your veneers are shaped and sized appropriately to make the right changes and maintain a natural look. Once confirmed, we can permanently bond them to the fronts of your teeth to make your smile lovelier!

Taking Care Of Poor Teeth Spacing

We provide a discreet treatment option to patients who want to do something about poor teeth spacing. A set of custom-made clear aligners will prove effective for many people who want to straighten an uneven smile. As you move from one appliance to the next, your aligners will guide teeth that overlap or are too far apart. At the end of your adjustment, you can find yourself delighted to see how much more attractive your smile is after taking on malocclusion.

How Unsightly Issues With Your Gums Are Treated

Thanks to laser technology, it is possible for us to conservatively fix cosmetic issues with your gum tissues. Lasers can trim away excess tissues that make teeth appear shorter or squatter than you would like. They also help us modify bulky, bumpy, or otherwise uneven tissue areas. These tools make the work of improving how you look easier and more conservative by delivering more precise changes while limiting bleeding and removing the need for post-treatment sutures.

Talk To SILK Dental Wellness About Your Goals For Cosmetic Dental Work!

Our practice’s goal for your smile care is to deliver exciting and long-lasting results while making your treatment experience surprisingly easy to fit into your life. We take the time to learn our patients’ treatment goals as well as their concerns about dental work. In doing so, we provide tailored experiences that can leave you thrilled with your results as well as how comfortable you were in the dentist’s chair! For more information, contact Silk Dental Wellness in Dallas, TX by calling (214) 969-SILK (7455).