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Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants help with cavity prevention by keeping the vulnerable areas between pits and cusps safe from bacteria and food debris. When you leave these areas unprotected, you run the risk of having harmful microbes and remnants of foods and drinks gather between them. Without the right protection, this can raise your risk for dental decay as well as the buildup of tartar deposits. The sealant material is carefully applied to keep these spaces clean by acting as a barricade between your enamel and potentially harmful agents.

An elastomer strip can also help by forcing the sealant deeper into the spaces in need of protection. As an additional benefit, it can also help to force fluoride toothpaste into areas that are typically difficult to reach.

Making A Commitment To Your Overall Smile Health

As part of a larger commitment to preventive dentistry, sealants can serve to lower your cavity risk and help you protect spaces that are difficult to keep clean through daily hygiene practices. Everyone at SILK Dental Wellness is excited to help patients keep their smiles in great shape. Through this support, your routine cleanings, and the evaluations we provide during checkups, we can see to it that you remain safe from cavities, gingivitis, and other potential threats. If you have a history of trouble with your oral health, set up an appointment to see how this can help, or let us know about your interest in better preventive support during your next checkup.

Contact Us for More Information

The right protection now can help you avoid oral health threats in the future. At SILK Dental Wellness, we can provide useful information regarding preventive support for your smile. Sealants are just one solution of many that can help patients keep their teeth in great condition. For more information or to set up your next appointment, call our dental office in the West Village area of Dallas at 214-969-7455, or use our online request system.