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Children’s Dentistry

What makes children’s oral health care different from adult care? One big issue is that kids need to learn both how to keep their teeth and gums healthy and why doing so is important. They can also require help adjusting to the experience of a dental visit. Starting with their initial appointments, we help our youngest patients feel at ease in the dentist’s chair, and we can support them in our practice as their needs change through the years!

How We Help Kids Grow Up With Healthy, Attractive Smiles

We can help parents understand when their kids should start dental care. From the first time kids come in, we put them at ease with their new surroundings and while meeting our team. From these initial visits forward, we provide gentle and thorough reviews of their developing teeth and oral structures. When the time is right, we can also incorporate professional teeth cleanings.

Providing Extra Protection Against Cavities

As they learn about the need for dependable smile care and receive instructions on brushing and flossing, kids can feel more capable of protecting themselves against cavities and gum disease. With that said, there is still a learning curve to address. For our younger patients, we can offer fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

  • Fluoride treatments encourage faster enamel recovery against decay, making cavities less likely to form. We can apply this mineral to help teeth remain strong and prevent the need for restorative dental work.
  • Sealants are used to protect teeth, particularly in areas more vulnerable to problems because they are harder to keep clean. Their application can protect the grooves and pits between back teeth, making kids less likely to have oral health problems.

Contact Us for More Information

Our team at SILK Dental Wellness provides family smile care services to people in and around Dallas, TX. As part of our commitment to providing this support, we want you to know we are ready to help parents keep their little ones safe against oral health threats, and we can help them learn the importance of oral hygiene! For more information, contact our dental practice at 214-969-7455, or use our online request system.